Well OIL be damned!

April 2nd, 2013

Well oil be damned!

In a world where we are religiously combing Moroccan oil through our hair and using coconut oil to cook just about anything, oil can seem all the rage.

However, if there is one place where it’s not so eagerly celebrated, it’s on our face. Cue the constant trips to the supermarket to stock up on oil-blotting tissues, or the sneaky swipe of the powder brush at your desk.

It’s inconvenient, annoying and lets face it – not too pretty to look at.

However, the folks at emerginC seem to have heard (and answered!) our oily prayers, with the redeveloped Complexion Control promising to mattify more than ever.

Let your oily troubles slide away with emerginC Complexion Control

Let your oily troubles slide away with emerginC Complexion Control

Newly reformulated with willow bark and alpaflor, the lightweight, hydrating emulsion balances and protects skin, restoring it with a healthy and natural glow.

With its résumé boasting the ability to improve oil and blemish control, as well as reduce the appearance of large pores, it’s clearly perfect for the job of rectifying over-oily, unruly skin.

Champion ingredient Willow Bark is proving to be a real heavy weight contender in the skin stakes, with its ability to calmly improve the skin and provide results in a soothing, sustainable way, making it unrivalled on the market.

Newly added ingredient Alpaflor also helps to create balanced skin by reducing sebum production levels, allowing the skin to return to the perfect level of oil production needed for glowing, healthy skin.

Complexion Control can also be used as the perfect base for make-up by working to extend the amount of coverage time provided for the skin.

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