Singing in the Lane

April 3rd, 2013

Singing in the Lane

Naomi Murrell and the Little Van That Could are teaming up in an event too sweet to miss. Setting up shop in Leigh Street in Adelaide on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th, this collaboration is sure to tickle all your senses. With toffee and trinkets and tunes…


Naomi Murrell’s keepsakes for fun lovers will remind you that happiness really does evolve from the simpler pleasures in life. With dove bird brooches, love heart rings and lattice cuffs these sweet knick-knacks are a thing to behold. Should your sweet tooth start craving, visit Monique Bowley at The Little Van That Could; the ultimate connoisseur of caravan candy. When you find your foot to be tappin’ and your body begin swayin’, then you’ve discovered the talented efforts of Naomi Keyte, Coops and the Bird and Buffalo Boyfriend (just to name a few!).

In short, it’s a free event, for all ages that shouldn’t be missed!

screen-shot-2013-04-03-at-31059-pm1Event Details:

Who: Naomi Murrell and The Little Van That Could
What: Singing in the Lane
Where: Leigh Street
When: Thursday 4th April 10am-6.30pm/Friday 5th April 10am-8.30pm

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