The High Noon Collection

July 8th, 2013

Painting with all the colours of the wind

The Monsoon Bangle

The magic and mystery of India has forever attracted people from far and wide: the mysticism, the intense colours of turquoise, fuchsia, bougainvillea, saffron and all the many shades that fall between.

The New Punjab Trading Co. has in fact drawn inspiration from this wild and wonderful landscape to create the High Noon collection. This range of eclectic and eye-catching bangles and necklaces are sure to inject colour and life into your everyday garb.

Acid Rain Necklace

Acid Rain Necklace

Magenta Sky, Burnt Sunset, Acid Rain and Monsoon – the namesakes of these beautiful pieces transport you to a realm of balmy summer nights and dazzling Indian sunrises. Whilst the jewellery speaks for itself, the romanticism of the collection lies within its creation. Each piece is handcrafted in India, providing each piece with its unique quirks and differences that can only be garnered by such an approach.

RRPs: Monsoon Cuff $64.95 | Sandstorm Bangle $89.95 | Burnt Sunset Necklace $49.95 | Violet Rays $54.95 | Acid Rain Necklace $59.95 | Magenta Sky Necklace $54.95

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