Pretty in Pastel

July 16th, 2013

Pretty in Pastel

Flitting through meadows, pondering on park benches, twirling in teacups… There’s something about pastel shades that often transports us to a younger self. And if the old adage is true and you’re as young as you feel – well sporting lacy dresses or beautiful accessories with pastel accents makes that transition all the more easy.


But don’t just take my word for it. The Spring/Summer Catwalks for 2013-4 are littered with pastel outfits, recreating the blossoming spring in our day-to-day garb.

One designer who has developed this ethos throughout her entire line is jewellery designer Naomi Murrell. Creating ‘Keepsakes for Fun Lovers’, Murrell’s newest collection Sunshine and Moonbeams celebrates pastel shades, detailed accents and fine jewellery. Milky peaches, mints, bone and coral in sorbet resin– this line is perfect for anyone looking to splash some pastel into their wardrobe.


For more information on the Sunshine and Moonbeams collection visit

Prices range between $35 and $400

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