Handbags have never been this delicious

screen-shot-2013-07-29-at-112704-amEspresso? Milk? Mocha? Chocolate? You’re either hankering for your caffeine fix or you’ve been introduced to Sisken’s newest colour range. Sisken is more delicious than ever with the entire Sisken range now featuring in a chocolate and mocha-shade series. Founded by Kristy Ackerman in 2008, Sisken is leather accessories label that combines sophistication and functionality with style and quality.

Sisken products are crafted from soft, hand-milled leather with a unique screen printed cotton lining. As such investing in Sisken products, belies a long term investment, promising a beautiful product that will stand the test of time.

With emerald, pomegranate, cherry and honey colours, the Sisken range has been a way of injecting colour and vibrancy into everyday fashion staples. The introduction of the chocolate and mocha series highlights the evolution of the range for those seeking a more mature or understated accessory.


The new Chocolate leather is a dark, rich colour that is the epitome of classic sophistication. Its bold shade makes Chocolate perfect for both men and women. Warm and enticing, the new Mocha shade is a coffee-coloured leather, which sits on the colour spectrum between Sisken’s Chocolate and Honey.

Prices range from $29-$420
For more details on the new range visit www.sisken.com.au

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