Bringing eclectic India to your home

The New Punjab Trading Company is a label designed by Cheri Flewell Smith that embodies the eclecticism of modern India. All wares are designed and manufactured in India and make a beautifully unique edition to any home.

The Jaunt to Jaipur collection is a limited edition range of patched leather cushions featuring an over printed pattern in two unique designs. These gorgeous, luxurious wares can instantly update a room. RRP $99.95.


The Desi Sunrise cushion has a bright and exotic design, and is inspired by the ‘Indian sunrise’. These cushions are made from 100% Indian cotton, giving a natural and comforting feel. The colour scheme used is proven to emotionally trigger feelings of optimism and comfort. RRP $79.95.


The Neon Gypsy collection features bright geometric patterned cushions that capture ones attention, and inject life and a touch of Orient into the modern home. This collection is a staple item to revitalize a room, and remain on trend. RRP $129.95


The Roti Rug is a roll-up and go anywhere rug, just as Indians have done for hundreds of years. The Roti Rug illuminates the heritage and history of India and promotes the symbolism and creativity of the weaver. Its traditional and exotic feel comes from high quality jute and Indian cotton. This rug is a perfect feature for an entranceway, or to brighten up a study room. RRP $495.00


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