HORIZON Sollis Jewellery

March 17th, 2014

Introducing HORIZION the beautiful A/W collection by Sollis Jewellery


We are excited to announce that Eleanor Ford, designer of Sollis Jewellery has introduced a stunning new, earth inspired range called Horizon. This exquisite collection mixes the magical colours of a blushing sky, midnight blues and earthy olive bronze and grey tones to produce an assortment of timeless unique pieces.

Each piece is designed and carefully handcrafted using a mixture of natural semi-precious and man-made materials. Mixed with a sparkle of Swarovski crystal these intricate patterns are woven with viscose cord and a combination of gold and black oxy chain.

Reflecting her traditional style and philosophy, Eleanor incorporates new, chic designs with the elegant double cuff arm piece and the deco horizon statement necklace. These timeless pieces complement your inner goddess and are perfect for any special occasion!


Prices range from $66 (earrings) – $462 (Necklaces)

To purchase pieces from this amazing new collection, please visit the SOLLIS website.


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