Sea Swirl

April 27th, 2011

Recreate 1940’s glamour!


Volumising Lotion

Sea Swell - Volumising Lotion

Last night I decided to play around with a new DL elements product before going out, my theme was GLAM so i wanted a very glamorous, easy, hairstyle that looked refined but as though I only spent a few minutes creating. My choice was Sea Swell, a medium hold Volumising lotion that provides natural style control and anti humidity action = ANTI FRIZZ very important for this look! The formula in the product expands the hair to add fullness and great shine with airless weight. Perfecto!

To create this look I squeezed about a 20c peice amount of product onto the palm of my hand and applied it to my wet hair evenly, I scrunched it up and left it to dry naturally. The product gave my hair a slight glamorous 1940’s wave to it, I then swept my hair to one side and tied the bottom section of my hair in a pony at the nape of my neck and just left the top half of my hair to fall naturally to one side, I then secured with hair pins. Voila!

1940s glam inspired hair

End Result - 1940's Glam Inspired Hair

I found the product to be very light and not sticky at all, contains frangipani essential oil, sunflower seed cake and sea kelp as well as certified organic SEAWEED! It has a hold factor of 4 and a shine factor of 6…



RRP: $22.95

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