June 17th, 2011



The thing we love most about working at Publissimo has to be some of the talented creatives we get to work with on a daily basis. People like Director Alex Goddard. At Just 25 this self confessed high school drop out has got his finger firmly gripped on the pulse of the Australian fashion industry and brings his own very edgy version of style to everything he shoots. Alex who currently edits Russh TV has worked on everything from Oyster Vision clips for Kitsune, Material Boy, Blessed are the Meek, Kirrily Johnston, Becca, De Lorenzo and Chanel V and collaborated with Carly Hunter for Fashion Film Observations in Hibernation and the list goes on.
Brands love him because he makes them look cool, we love him because well, lets face it, he’s a genius! See the world though Alex’s eyes at

We’ve asked Alex to share some of himself with you


Name: Alexander August Goddard

Age: 25

Occupation: N/A

How did you get into directing film? Dropped out of high school, made a short, got into Cannes.

What you love most about your work? Working with amazing talented creatives

Most exciting project you’ve worked on? Travelling with Oyster Magazine (For Oyster Vision) in the states and collaborating with my favourite client De Lorenzo.

Who’s your biggest inspiration? Steven Klein

Favourite genre of film and why? Rom Com, Because i love Kate Hudson (lol jks)

Tips for anyone else trying to break into the world of film production? Just be pleasant. Stay away from getting a big head, there is always someone one step ahead of you. You’re only as good as your last film.

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