July 5th, 2011


Introducing you to the newest and coolest tee brand to hit the market Folklands, the brainchild of Sydney based artist and hipster John Papagianopoulos. John started the label simply as a means to release creative energy and after some convincing from his friends decided to take the plunge into the design world. and luckily for us he did!


Folklands debut collection is inspired by Tribal/Aztec designs and is titled ‘Speed Of Life’.

John’s frustration at the abundance of mass produced, screen printed tees that are in your face 24/7 is what pushed him to start Folklands and bring the love back into the humble T-shirt. Every Folklands Tee is handmade, hand drawn and designed by John himself and is limited to only 111 prints. John explains “The end creation is a unique garment, never truly identical to the other”.

Every Tee is made to order and all you have to do is visit the site, place your order, have a cup of tea and in no time your very own custom made Folklands will be at your doorstep.. or in your mail box.. or at the post office..

So where can you get find a hand drawn piece of art on a shirt for under $100? Folklands i tell ya!



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