July 12th, 2011


Vitamin C Serum Eye

Vitamin C Serum Eye

Have you heard of a lightweight eye serum that specifically targets fine lines, crows feet and sagging skin? I have! its called Vitamin C Serum Eye By EmerginC. When you get to a certain age you look in the mirror and think wow gee look at those lines, don’t they age my face maybe i should invest in some botox!

Well my friends, im here to tell you to go against the botox unless you want to end up looking like THIS…

Well you might not look like this after one treatment, but Nicole (scary botox face) Kidman is a good example of way too much botox and how stiff and bat like you can look after countless botox injecting. My point is you don’t want to look like this… or end up ADDICTED, broke and having to attend botox anonymous once a week.

If you have a few lines and wrinkles here and there (i like to call it character) the best treatment is an eye serum! We recommend the Vitamin C Serum Eye by EmerginC to combat those fine lines & wrinkles and guess what? you will still be able to move your face!! woo hoo!


So have I convinced you yet?

Directions: Use on clean dry skin, apply a small amount around the eye area morning and/or night

EmerginC Vitamin C Serum Eye Pros: Fights the signs of ageing, targets fine lines and crows feet and helps to reduce puffiness.

EmerginC Vitamin C Serum Eye Cons: Remembering to apply 1-2 times daily

Price: $95 RRP


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