The secret to naturally beautiful, guilt-free hair is finally here with De Lorenzo’s NEW Essential Treatments.



De Lorenzo’s new range of six treatment products are designed to be used at home, between salon visits, to maintain optimum hair health and shine. 

The ultimate haircare rescue kit contains SIX fabulous treatment products developed to provide hair with the four natural balances – protein, moisture, natural oils and pH balance.

The key ingredient f the range is Rosehip oil and extract, which provides the hair with an abundance of anti-oxidant vitamins A & C – both known for their anti-ageing and restorative properties.


The New Range of Professional Retail Treatments

The treatments hit stores in December this year, just in time for Christmas and of course, beach and sun ravaged summer hair. The Essential Treatments family consists of:

Protein Complex: A strengthening treatment spray wit Quinoa Protein and Organic Rosehip which can be used on hair before colouring to minimise damage, or in the shower between and shampoo and condition to fortify and seal the hair.

Infinite Detangler: A leave-n detangling and conditioning spray with Organic Rosehip and Wheat Protein to soften and smooth the hair cuticle, eliminating tangled, knotty tresses.

Absolute Deep Cleanser: A purifying shampoo with Organic Rosehip and Oat Peptides to ‘detox’ the scalp by removing the build up of residues and pollutants.

Equilibruim: A deep repair treatment masque with Organic Rosehip and Oat Peptides to restore, repair and revive hair to its former glory by leaving it bouncy, shiny and full of life.

Oil Balance: A pre-shampoo treatment to nourish dry and damaged hair, containing a blend of batical oils that mimic the hair’s natural sebum.

But the real stand-out, or ‘hero’ of the Essential Treatments range is Absorb. A weightless, powder dry shampoo spray with Organic Rosehip and rice extracts to absorb oils from the hair and scalp, and provide volume and texture to help refresh oily, lank hair.



The range consists of six specially formulated treatments that feature liquid crystal technology, plant based oils and botanicals, colour stabilising extracts and natural UV protectants.

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