Handbags have never been this delicious

screen-shot-2013-07-29-at-112704-amEspresso? Milk? Mocha? Chocolate? You’re either hankering for your caffeine fix or you’ve been introduced to Sisken’s newest colour range. Sisken is more delicious than ever with the entire Sisken range now featuring in a chocolate and mocha-shade series. Founded by Kristy Ackerman in 2008, Sisken is leather accessories label that combines sophistication and functionality with style and quality.

Sisken products are crafted from soft, hand-milled leather with a unique screen printed cotton lining. As such investing in Sisken products, belies a long term investment, promising a beautiful product that will stand the test of time.

With emerald, pomegranate, cherry and honey colours, the Sisken range has been a way of injecting colour and vibrancy into everyday fashion staples. The introduction of the chocolate and mocha series highlights the evolution of the range for those seeking a more mature or understated accessory.


The new Chocolate leather is a dark, rich colour that is the epitome of classic sophistication. Its bold shade makes Chocolate perfect for both men and women. Warm and enticing, the new Mocha shade is a coffee-coloured leather, which sits on the colour spectrum between Sisken’s Chocolate and Honey.

Prices range from $29-$420
For more details on the new range visit www.sisken.com.au

Pretty in Pastel

July 16th, 2013

Pretty in Pastel

Flitting through meadows, pondering on park benches, twirling in teacups… There’s something about pastel shades that often transports us to a younger self. And if the old adage is true and you’re as young as you feel – well sporting lacy dresses or beautiful accessories with pastel accents makes that transition all the more easy.


But don’t just take my word for it. The Spring/Summer Catwalks for 2013-4 are littered with pastel outfits, recreating the blossoming spring in our day-to-day garb.

One designer who has developed this ethos throughout her entire line is jewellery designer Naomi Murrell. Creating ‘Keepsakes for Fun Lovers’, Murrell’s newest collection Sunshine and Moonbeams celebrates pastel shades, detailed accents and fine jewellery. Milky peaches, mints, bone and coral in sorbet resin– this line is perfect for anyone looking to splash some pastel into their wardrobe.


For more information on the Sunshine and Moonbeams collection visit www.naomimurrell.com

Prices range between $35 and $400

Zardozi Pom and Riha Agate

July 10th, 2013

Riha Agate Necklace

Riha Agate Necklace

Drum roll please.

The beautiful Zari collection has made its mark since its conception. With intricate ornamentation, statement stones and elegant colours it is no wonder that the collection has captured the attention of artists and designers alike.

The collaboration between Sollis and Anna Pogossova led to the creation of hypnotic, kaleidoscopic artworks that revealed the detail and unique quality of the line. Also, with Sollis jewellery now stocked nationally in all Camilla stores, the collection is travelling from strength to strength.

Zardozi Pom Necklace

Zardozi Pom Necklace

Yet it bears mentioning that we have a winner. The Zardozi Pom and Riha Agate Necklaces are the best selling pieces within the collection. Why? Well their images speak for themselves. As with all Sollis pieces, each necklace is constructed with impeccable craftsmanship and innate taste.

So whether you’re in search of a statement unlike any other or a simple necklace to bring a touch of class to your outfit – we present to you the solution!

For more information on the collection visit www.sollisjewellery.com

The High Noon Collection

July 8th, 2013

Painting with all the colours of the wind

The Monsoon Bangle

The magic and mystery of India has forever attracted people from far and wide: the mysticism, the intense colours of turquoise, fuchsia, bougainvillea, saffron and all the many shades that fall between.

The New Punjab Trading Co. has in fact drawn inspiration from this wild and wonderful landscape to create the High Noon collection. This range of eclectic and eye-catching bangles and necklaces are sure to inject colour and life into your everyday garb.

Acid Rain Necklace

Acid Rain Necklace

Magenta Sky, Burnt Sunset, Acid Rain and Monsoon – the namesakes of these beautiful pieces transport you to a realm of balmy summer nights and dazzling Indian sunrises. Whilst the jewellery speaks for itself, the romanticism of the collection lies within its creation. Each piece is handcrafted in India, providing each piece with its unique quirks and differences that can only be garnered by such an approach.

RRPs: Monsoon Cuff $64.95 | Sandstorm Bangle $89.95 | Burnt Sunset Necklace $49.95 | Violet Rays $54.95 | Acid Rain Necklace $59.95 | Magenta Sky Necklace $54.95

For more information on the New Punjab Trading Co.’s other collections visit www.thenewpunjab.com

Winter is coming.

For some of us this statement incurs dread and the beginning of a countdown towards a hot, balmy summer. For others it couldn’t be more exciting – rain, mulled wine and of cosy oversized scarves and jumpers. Wherever you lay on the spectrum, winter is a time of nesting. We become creative, we redecorate – we make our place our own.


For those nesters amongst you, it is my obligation to fill you in on a nester’s haven that is making its way to the Old Museum in Brisbane this July 6th and 7th. The Finders Keepers Autumn/Winter Markets have developed as an institution within the design and artistic community. Influential Australian designers come together to showcase their wares and with a line-up of independent Australian artists and delicious food stalls – no one should miss out!

A stroll through the markets is a balm for the senses. With eye-catching designs featured by a handpicked bunch of 75 designers, you too will be inspired. The catchy tunes of local musicians are sure to make your heart sing and when the stomach starts rumbling, food stalls are there to sate you.

So come one, come all and part from your nests – to share in the magic of these travelling markets!

screen-shot-2013-07-03-at-101542-amEvent Details:

What: The Finders Keepers Autumn/Winter Markets
Where: The Old Museum
corner Bowen Bridge Rd and Gregory Terrace, Herston
When: Saturday 6th July 10am-4pm and Sunday 7th July 10am-4pm
How much: $2 entry fee