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The Finders Keepers Brisbane

So The Finders Keepers kicked off their Autumn/Winter markets in Brisbane at the Old Museum on the weekend and were once again welcomed by the Brisbane community. Filling up the rooms of the Old Museum were over 60 inspiring and amazing hand picked emerging designers and artists.

The good news is that The Finders Keepers will be back in Brisbane in November for their Spring/Summer event, Stay tuned for more details.

As you can imagine the feeling was busy, inspiring, warm and fuzzy, and if you haven’t ever been to a Finders Keepers market, What are you waiting for????? check out the pics below:

market goers checking out the design wares

market goers checking out the design wares

Finders Keepers merchandise 'Find me, Keep me'

Finders Keepers Merchandise 'Find me, Keep me' range

more designers

So many amazing designs to choose from!

a busy afternoon

A busy afternoon

fancy some original artwork?

Fancy some original artwork?

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Twilight Totes

June 28th, 2010


Twilight Totes by Lola&Bailey

Edward or Jacob? Who would you choose?

Edward or Jacob? Who would you choose?


In the blue corner stands Edward Cullen introverted, mysterious and protective vampire and in the red corner stands Jacob Black extroverted, good natured and determined warewolf! Who will triumph in the end and win Bella’s heart?

In the wake of Twilight mania LOLA&BAILEY have released a new pair of statement totes inspired by two prominent characters in the Twilight Phenomenon.

Twilight is a series of four vampire-based romance novels that have recently been made into films; both the novels and the films have gained immense popularity and commercial success around the world, most popular among young adults or ‘tweens’. The story revolves around a mortal, Bella who moves to a new town and falls in love with a 100-year-old vampire.

An ongoing debate between twilight ‘tween’ fans is whom they prefer; vampires like Edward Cullen or werewolves like Jacob Black

LOLA&BAILEY have created two totes one for team Edward with vampire fangs and one for team Jacob with a wolf.


Price: 49.00 RRP Stockist:

SP Cufflinks

June 28th, 2010


After working across a multitude of mediums celebrated design label LOLA&BAILEY have embarked on a new project, in which they have evolved their ever-popular shadow puppets pendants range to create an exclusive range of cufflinks especially for men.

The quirky but subtle range is inspired by the hit TV series ‘Mad Men’ set in a 1960’s New York ad agency; although the TV series explores the themes of smoking, drinking, sexism and racism, LOLA&BAILEY wanted to create something that would celebrate the lighter side of the 60’s

The cufflinks made from enamel with twist hardware on the back are available in six different animal shadow puppet designs including Wolf, Goose, Bear, Hare, Butterfly, Giraffe and Dog.

Replacing lacklustre buttons on a crisp shirt with LOLA&BAILEY’s cufflinks will add a little extra flare that will make any man stand out in the crowd.

The Shadow Puppets cufflinks can be bought online through LOLA&BAILEY’s interactive online store RRP $55.00/pair.