The markets are coming to town

In yonder years, the marketplace was turned upside down,
on those magical days when the emporium came to town.
With trinkets and knick-knacks and tapestries galore –
the emporium showed us objects we’d never seen before.


The magic of those days is unfortunately diluted by the urban sprawl of today’s cities. The concept of a marketplace is difficult to recreate because the “centre of activity” is too broad to define. We’re spoilt for choice. For all our shopping needs we visit department stores, malls or browse through streets of smaller fashion stores.

apomHowever, the Finders Keepers have sought to bring back the creativity and romanticism of the travelling emporium. Their bi-annual event, the Finders Keepers Markets, showcase the wares of over 200 designers from the realms of fashion, jewellery, stationery, homewares and children’s toys, all together under one roof. With a dynamic design scene in Australia, these markets bring together the creativity of emergent and seasoned designers and for a gold coin donation, they are open for all to enjoy.

The upcoming Finders Keepers Autumn/Winter Markets are returning to the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne from Friday 5th April to Saturday 6th April 2013. In a brand new feature, the markets will be hosting debut stalls where 12 new designers will be able to lay out their fresh, new designs whilst a select few feature stalls will allow seasoned designers to create pop up stores for the occasion.

lauren-nicholson-illustrationWith a great line-up of independent Australian musicians, a smorgasbord of food stalls and a wide variety of designers, these markets are sure to be a treat!

For more information visit the website

It’s “chai time” we have a High Tea
with a little Indian flavour.


Be it the authentic twangs of the sitar player or the spicy aroma of chai tea pervading throughout the room, the media launch of the New Punjab Trading Company on Thursday 14th March was not your average media event. Terrible puns excused, the high tea brought a touch of the Orient to the day of all those who attended, and was a sensorial adventure in more ways than one.

The Neon Gypsy collection: why not lounge in style?

The Neon Gypsy collection: why not lounge in style?

The New Punjab Trading Co. is an online lifestyle label that brings authentic Indian homewares, jewellery and fashion accessories into your modern home. Attendees were invited to see a kaleidoscope of oriental scarves known as Bombay Bohème, feel the contrasting textures of a range of cushions called a Jaunt to Jaipur and be inspired by the eclectic High Noon collection of necklaces, cuffs and earrings.

The soothing sounds transported us to another world

The soothing sounds transported us to another world

Designer Cheri Flewell-Smith told her own story of how her Indian heritage has always remained close to her heart and ultimately inspired the creation of this lifestyle label. Her grandfather, Teja Singh migrated from India when he was 18 and worked as a cane cutter on the east coast of Australia, eventually settling down on a dairy farm in Ballina, which the family still owns today. Cheri has travelled back to her grandfather’s homeland, travelling all around India from Jaipur to Rajasthan to Punjab, where she works alongside the craftsmen who produce her collections.

Would you like a Monsoon cuff with your chai tea?

Would you like a Monsoon cuff with your chai tea?

Those who were able to make it didn’t leave empty-handed either. To remember the event and to bring a touch of the collection home with them, journalists were given a small goodie bag which included amongst other trinkets, a necklace from the collection as well as chai tea leaves – a miracle worker when craving that little respite from the stress
and deadlines.

All in all it was wonderful to see everyone come together for an event, a little out of the ordinary, that ultimately left us all with food for thought and that touch of inspiration.

The website was launched today and is well worth a visit:

An Ode to O

March 21st, 2013

An Ode to O

The Winery in Surry Hills transformed into a laboratory yesterday (sans the unflattering white science coats), as beauty editors and bloggers alike flocked to learn about O Cosmedics’ new groundbreaking range, O Biotics.

The Winery, adorned with O Biotics products

The Winery, adorned with O Biotics products

With a refreshingly cool breeze heralding the onset of Autumn, guests were tucked away into the Gracelands Room to experience a new era of anti ageing skincare. The King (and his quirky shrine) gracefully bowed out and made room for O Cosmedics to be the decorative focal point of discussion. Touches of O Cosmedics’ signature red hue complimented the space, which was adorned with candles and products from the new range.

Light chatter filled the air as guests milled around and enjoyed their morning coffee fix, before being seated and welcomed by O Cosmedics founder, Marie Cocciolone. Marie shared her vision for the new range, which includes providing the modern-day woman with a real, authentic solution to ageing skin. Her solution not merely nourishes skin, but works at a cellular level to mimic the natural biochemistry of the skin.

Kimberly Nissen (The Plastic Diaries) and Meg Bellemore (Cosmopolitan Bride) smile for the camera

Kimberly Nissen (The Plastic Diaries) and Meg Bellemore (Cosmopolitan Bride) smile for the camera

“The world has changed and the industry has changed – and O Cosmedics is embracing this,” she explained. “It’s an ageing population, so it’s imperative to talk to the cells when the skin is not listening.”

And “talk to the cells” is exactly what O Biotics does, with Marie providing expert industry insight into the transformative powers of cosmedical-grade skincare.

“Cosmedical is a new category designed to use medical-grade active ingredients that make a significant skin difference. We’re using 10% of an active, as opposed to cosmetics using 0.1%. There are a number of products on the market to slow down the natural ageing process of the skin, however O Biotics not only slows it down, but restores your skin – on a cellular level – to what it was when you were younger.”

High tea delights and breakthrough skincare make for an exciting morning

High tea delights and breakthrough skincare make for an exciting morning

And in true, technology-savvy style, editors and bloggers swiftly took to their smart phones and tablets to take notes during the presentation and share the groundbreaking insights with the social media world, with status updates and tweets flying through cyberspace at record speed.

Following Marie’s presentation, leading ingredient expert Michael Hill was welcomed to the stage to provide the scientific process behind the products. With delicate cucumber sandwiches and rich creme’ brulee a reach away, guests remained energised during Michael’s breakdown of the scientific genius behind the O Biotics range.

Marie shares her exciting skincare breakthrough with the guests

Marie shares her exciting skincare breakthrough with the guests

With more peptides than you can poke a test tube at, Michael explained that O Cosmedics was “leaps and bounds” ahead of any other product available on the market, because of its unique approach to addressing the cause at a cellular level.

“There has been a number of attempts to address the skin ageing process. It is absolutely true that you will overcome at least one problem of the process, however you won’t address the root cause. I applaud O Cosmedics in taking the foreground for regenerative skincare technology,” he said.

Michael breaks things biomimetically

Michael breaks things down biomimetically

And while good things come in small packages, truly ingenious things come in state of the art packages. O Biotics is no exception to this rule, with Marie providing a showcase of O Biotics’ unique delivery and application system, unrivalled by anything else on the market.

Marie delivered a show and tell style presentation of the ampoule application system, sharing the sterile, travel-friendly and no-wastage benefits of the system with the guests.

The event concluded with a question and answer discussion, followed by happy snaps and farewells. With goodie bags in hand and a new wealth of knowledge at the ready, guests left feeling O so happy!

Editors and bloggers take to social media to spread the good news

Editors and bloggers take to social media to spread the good news

For the woman who’s on the go –
De Lorenzo is Best in Show.

et-absorbThere’s no shaking it – time truly does seem to be speeding up. We make ourselves increasingly available to be contacted through the magic that is technology, yet with seemingly less time to spare it can all become too much. De Lorenzo has now released the New and Improved ‘Absorb’ Dry Shampoo that is sure to become your new best friend. Because whilst we may be feeling the stress, that doesn’t mean we have to show it.

Absorb is a weightless powder spray that acts as a dry shampoo, absorbing excess oil in the scalp and hair. Absorb now contains 100% natural, micronised bamboo, which is three times more effective than rice starch at refreshing hair and adding volume to lank fine hair. The micronised powder formulation leaves no mark or mess on your scalp and with the hero ingredient, rose hip extract oil your hair is left looking clean, smelling fresh and nourished with vitamin C.

The new packaging is also more eco-focused with the aerosol metered to reduce the use of the propellant and liquefied carrier. The Essentials line is paraben-free, infused with plant proteins and botanicals, omega 3 and 6 and a blend of vitamins and minerals.

RRP: $19.50/100g
Stockist: 1800 800 347

Zari is a Zinger

screen-shot-2013-03-06-at-23631-pm1‘Zari’ is the latest collection by Eleanor Ford of Sollis jewellery. Long anticipated by the staff here at Publissimo, this exquisite collection does not disappoint. Inspired by brocade weaving, tribal jewellery and lavish interior furnishings, the Zari collection combines eclectic styles to produce elegant pieces.

Wood and metal beads are woven with silky threads into gold and black nickel chains. Combined with chunky semi-precious stones such as amazonite and red tiger eyes with long brightly coloured tassels all to give the collection its unique and decadent feel.

As is signature to Eleanor’s style, the collection features various statement pieces that are sure to transform the simplest outfit. The collection also includes woven cuffs and tassel and spike earrings.

Prices range from  $66-$429. For more information visit


Naomi Murrell

March 4th, 2013

Naomi Murrell

Sunshine + Moonbeams

44‘Sunshine + Moonbeams’ is the newest collection of precious keepsakes by Adelaide based jewellery designer Naomi Murrell. This playful range calls us to appreciate the simpler pleasures in life. Inspired by the lure of glinting dusk and the shimmering feeling of sunshine on skin – these enchanting designs will bring out the romantic in all of us.

31The delicate lattice pattern on a golden brass bangle, reminiscent of white picket fences or Naomi Murrell’s signature dove constructed through a pastel mint resin and with golden detailing demonstrates that Naomi’s ethos of Life, Laughter and Happiness is present throughout her range of ethically produced folk finery.

11These beautiful pieces are constructed using sterling silver and golden brass and have been embellished with licks of resin and sorbet hues. Pops of acid yellow, milky peach, mint and neon fuchsia complement the neutral tones of bone and tortoiseshell. The ‘Sunshine + Moonbeams’ collection is an expression of whimsy and joy with a range of rings, necklaces, brooches, bangles and earrings to suit all fun lovers.

Prices range between $35 – $150 and can be purchased online at