Sea Swirl

April 27th, 2011

Recreate 1940’s glamour!


Volumising Lotion

Sea Swell - Volumising Lotion

Last night I decided to play around with a new DL elements product before going out, my theme was GLAM so i wanted a very glamorous, easy, hairstyle that looked refined but as though I only spent a few minutes creating. My choice was Sea Swell, a medium hold Volumising lotion that provides natural style control and anti humidity action = ANTI FRIZZ very important for this look! The formula in the product expands the hair to add fullness and great shine with airless weight. Perfecto!

To create this look I squeezed about a 20c peice amount of product onto the palm of my hand and applied it to my wet hair evenly, I scrunched it up and left it to dry naturally. The product gave my hair a slight glamorous 1940’s wave to it, I then swept my hair to one side and tied the bottom section of my hair in a pony at the nape of my neck and just left the top half of my hair to fall naturally to one side, I then secured with hair pins. Voila!

1940s glam inspired hair

End Result - 1940's Glam Inspired Hair

I found the product to be very light and not sticky at all, contains frangipani essential oil, sunflower seed cake and sea kelp as well as certified organic SEAWEED! It has a hold factor of 4 and a shine factor of 6…



RRP: $22.95

April 7th, 2011

The nicest hairspray you will ever meet


Medium Hold Hairspray

Medium Hold Hairspray

Let me introduce you to the nicest hairspray you will ever meet, he’s such a gentleman! Elements Vapour Mist is a medium hold hairspray, which means he wont make your hair sticky and stiff. Vapour Mist provides natural shape, control and texture without the tackiness! The best thing about him is that he will allow you to restyle your hair repeatedly and you wont get that concrete, oily, wet hairspray look! Contains certified organic lime fruit oil.. smells delish!


I used Vapour Mist to help me create one of my fave hairstyles, i sectioned off my hair and pulled the bottom half into a ponytail and softly backcombed the front, then pulled it back off my face, pinned it into place and used Vapour Mist as a finishing spray, for a light lift and volume as well as a light hold to keep it all in place!



RRP: $17.95 RRP

Sandstorm/Tried & Tested

April 7th, 2011

All hail the dry texture spray…


Dry Texture Spray

Dry Texture Spray

Sandstorm provides a matt dry look with natural looking texture and volume! It also can be used to eliminate oil and shine from the roots, I have applied it directly onto my dry hair and used my hands to texturise and separate, you can also blow dry for a more controlled style. And with certified organic rice and rooibos leaf extracts it smells so yummy you want to eat it!!


After using the spray on my roots and texturising and separating the strands using my hands my hair is full of texture and feels so luscious!



RRP: $22.95 RRP

Product Review

April 6th, 2011

Introducing De Lorenzo’s brand new styling range


Australia’s favourite haircare company De Lorenzo has launched a brand new, unisex styling range called ELEMENTS. The Elements series is inspired by the four natural elements and designed to complement our Australian ‘outdoor’ lifestyle. The elements series is made up of 12 new, natural based styling tools that use an ‘intelligent’ new generation of polymers, which offer increased humidity resistence and ‘Elemental Shape Memory’.

These new polymers also offer superior hold and shine with incredible flexibility, and allow the natural movement that reflects the Australian consumer’s preference for understated glamour. ‘Elemental Shape Memory’ allows the hair to be restyled many times without leaving any product build up, no stiffness or crunch, and no sticky residue on the hands.

The brand spankin' new range 'Elements'

The brand spankin' new range 'Elements'

Key Features and benefits

  • Natural plant based U.V protection
  • Certified Organic Fair Trade ingredients
  • No residue on hands when applying
  • No sticky or tacky feel
  • Paraben free formulation
  • No Petrochemicals
  • No Animal ingredients
  • Biodegradable
  • Acid balanced and buffered