De Lorenzo – Getting Back To Nature

Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Go Planet! Captain Planet’s on vacation, but De Lorenzo’s Elements – natural Australian style range is to the rescue.

Inspired by Australian nature and inhibiting all natural organic certified plant based ingredients; these products will leave your hair feeling fresh and fabulous with each use.

Water’s Ocean Mist is my secret weapon. Blessed with wavy and curly brown hair thanks to my European heritage, means on an average day, the less I do to it the better. So what could be more perfect than a salt infused spray that provides texture as well as definition. Three sprays all over, some light handed scrunching and voilà my hair immediately goes from shaggy dog to beach goddess. At $23.95 a pop, I say why not!

My second best friend is Air’s Sand Storm, a dust sculpting spray that provides texture and added fullness. I love volume, my favorite saying is ‘the bigger the better’, so with little time and patience to stand around in the morning styling my hair with rollers everywhere and blow drying brushes, for $22.95, being a quick, easy and effective product, Sand Storm is right up my alley!

De Lorenzo's Ocean Mist

-Olivia x

We have always loved this little blue bottle of goodness, but now with the added benefits of Instalift Goji this brings the product to a whole new level of goodness!  Check out the clinical results!


All That Glitters…

July 5th, 2012

All That Glitters

“All That Glitters” is the Spring/Summer 12/13 Novacolor collection by De Lorenzo with hair by Sarah Laidlaw. It is an ethereal collection of pastel infused hair colours on milky brown, warm copper and white blonde tones.

Makeup is soft and dewey and all about contouring with the occasional focus on the smokey eye.

Behind the scenes: