Mother’s Day Gift Guide

April 24th, 2013

Publissimo’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

“Hoping that blessings may brighten your way,
Wishing you happiness day after day,
Trusting your heart will be filled with good cheer,
And loving you tenderly, Mother my dear”

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and with it the stress of finding that perfect gift for a very special someone. To ease this process, we’ve put together a gift guide for the fashion forward, yummy mummies of the world who deserve to be spoiled!

Montgomery Tote

Montgomery Tote: RRP $349

Perhaps the most iconic staple of a mother’s wardrobe is her trusty tote bag. So what better way to get Mum what she really wants (and needs!), than buying her a Sisken tote bag. The Sisken range is made of quality milled leather, therefore whilst they are stylish they are also sure to last. The lining fabrics of each bag are handcrafted signature designs, making each bag a unique and beautiful accessory.


Zardozi Pom Necklace: RRP $198

Not one to be behind with the times, gifting your Mum with a beautiful statement necklace is sure to be a hit. Zari, the newest collection by Sollis jewellery has a vast array of intricate necklaces that represent an indulgence in ornamentation and colour. Inspired by brocade weaving, tribal jewellery and lavish interior furnishings, these necklaces are created with intricate and talented craftsmanship.

If the extravagance of the Zari collection does not quite suit your mother’s tastes, Naomi Murrell presents the solution. Calling upon us all to appreciate the simpler pleasures in life, Naomi Murrell’s jewellery is fine and elegant, complementing the understated dresser.

The Harvest Bangle [RRP $175]

The Harvest Bangle: RRP $175

As Mother’s Day approaches, the temperature drops and we settle into the autumn months. It’s the time of monochrome colours and cable knit sweaters, but that doesn’t mean it has to be. The Gin Rhapsody scarf is the perfect way to inject colour into the drabber months. A limited edition within the New Punjab Trading Co. range, this scarf is made with digital prints on 100% Indian silk. The scarves are handcrafted in small villages in India, therefore no two scarves are the same. This makes the scarf the perfect, unique gift.

The Gin Rhapsody Scarf

The Gin Rhapsody Scarf: RRP $129.95

For the restless Mum or the perennial decorator, the Neon Gypsy range of cushions are an ideal present. Statement cushions are an inexpensive way to transform a room and are also an “out of the box” gift idea. Like the Gin Rhapsody Scarf these cushions are a part of the New Punjab Trading Co. lifestyle label and are therefore handcrafted in India. The collection brings a touch of India to the modern household.

The Neon Gypsy range of cushions

The Neon Gypsy range of cushions: RRP $129.95

For more information on any of these collections please visit:

Happy Mother’s Day!

A Taste of India

April 18th, 2013

A Taste of India

Rich in Indian heritage but removed from the overplayed Bollywood theme is The New Punjab Trading Co.’s latest collection offerings, Bombay Bohéme and Jaunt to Jaipur.

Drawing from her cultural discoveries on a recent trip to India, designer Cheri Flewell-Smith shares that her motivation behind the collections is to “design for the cultural bowerbird who likes to collect wares from all over the world.”

Inject a little bit of India into every outfit with the Bombay Boheme collection

Inject a little bit of India into every outfit with the Bombay Boheme collection

With a range of rustic, brightly coloured scarves infusing authenticity and heritage into the Bombay Bohéme collection, it’s clear the designs reflect the unique and eclectic culture of India.

With bright turquoises, burnt oranges and neon yellows woven throughout the designs, the collection embodies the sense of liveliness and community so true to Indian culture.

Moving away from industrialised mass production, the silk and cotton-blended scarves are hand made on traditional handlooms in India. A true sense of individuality and rarity is woven into each piece, with local Indian craftsmen dedicating days to create each scarf.

With this distinctive, individual approach to the creation process, cultural bowerbirds are sure to inject an element of exclusivity into their wardrobes – a feat that not even your favourite chain store can achieve!

While Bombay Bohéme promises to inject individuality into your wardrobe, the Jaunt to Jaipur collection is designed to infuse a tribal aesthetic into the modern-day home.

With two unique, earthy designs pattern-printed onto leather cushions, Jaunt to Jaipur is sure to revive your rooms with a sense of history and character, instantly adding layers of warmth to your home.

So whether you need to spice up your wardrobe or inject some exoticism into your home (or even a little bit of both!), The New Punjab Trading Co is here to help you along the way.

Channel your inner "cultural bowerbird" with the Jaunt to Jaipur collection.

Channel your inner "cultural bowerbird" with the Jaunt to Jaipur collection.

Beauty is on the tip of your lip.

You step outside, the crisp autumn wind whipping against your face and instinctively, you reach for your lip balm. As your hand fumbles around in your handbag (and you silently curse the Olsen twins for bringing back the “this-almost-resembles-the-size-of-my-apartment” bag) you make the unforgiving yet all too common mistake of going for the lip lick.

Yes, the lip lick. While many deny doing it – and some go as far as swearing they’ve never heard of it – it’s a common technique used by the modern day woman to save herself the time and energy of trying to find something to shield her lips. Whether we’re just running down to the bus stop or jetting out to get the last sandwich from the corner café, we tell ourselves it’ll be fine – we’re right to lick and go.

But here is where the problem begins. And it’s usually followed by unsightly consequences, including dry, cracked skin around the lips and a red, bee-stung appearance (and I’m not talking in the good Samantha Harris / Angelina Jolie kind of way).

So what’s a troubled, chapped-lip girl to do?!

Well, she can hop online or sprint down to her closest salon and treat her poor, neglected lips to a little tender loving care, with emerginC’s newest offering: In Lips we Trust.


In Lips we Trust is a nourishing, soothing lip balm that promises to protect lips from free radical damage and the harsh effects of the environment. Astaxanthin (yes it’s a real word and no, after several failed attempts, I’m still not even remotely close to pronouncing it correctly) is a powerful antioxidant that helps to reduce inflammation and increase moisture retention for soft, smooth lips. And boy does it pack a punch! In fact, it packs 550 more punches than vitamin E, and 6000 more than vitamin C – so it’s safe to say that it’s the Rocky Balboa on the skincare world.

But the benefits don’t stop there ladies. With coenzyme Q10 working as a vitamin-rich super antioxidant to soothe lips and activate healthy cellular activity and coconut oil injecting rich vitamins and fatty oils into the skin to alleviate any dry, flaky symptoms, In Lips we Trust is a truly innovative staple to your make-up bag.

Natural oils like sweet orange and sweet almond not only sound like a treat, but work like one too! By containing antioxidant properties, they work to calm and soothe the delicate skin tissue, while also forming a protective layer over the surface of the lip to lock in moisture and perfect your pout.

And the best part of it all? In Lips we Trust comes in a beautiful, bright green tube which means you’ll never have to lip lick again, no matter how Olsen-esque your bag is!

Singing in the Lane

April 3rd, 2013

Singing in the Lane

Naomi Murrell and the Little Van That Could are teaming up in an event too sweet to miss. Setting up shop in Leigh Street in Adelaide on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th, this collaboration is sure to tickle all your senses. With toffee and trinkets and tunes…


Naomi Murrell’s keepsakes for fun lovers will remind you that happiness really does evolve from the simpler pleasures in life. With dove bird brooches, love heart rings and lattice cuffs these sweet knick-knacks are a thing to behold. Should your sweet tooth start craving, visit Monique Bowley at The Little Van That Could; the ultimate connoisseur of caravan candy. When you find your foot to be tappin’ and your body begin swayin’, then you’ve discovered the talented efforts of Naomi Keyte, Coops and the Bird and Buffalo Boyfriend (just to name a few!).

In short, it’s a free event, for all ages that shouldn’t be missed!

screen-shot-2013-04-03-at-31059-pm1Event Details:

Who: Naomi Murrell and The Little Van That Could
What: Singing in the Lane
Where: Leigh Street
When: Thursday 4th April 10am-6.30pm/Friday 5th April 10am-8.30pm

Midnight Glamour

April 3rd, 2013

A seasonal change is in the (h)air

screen-shot-2013-03-27-at-13529-pmWe have been undeniably blessed with a pseudo summer this autumn. However, as the colder months settle in, the knitwear comes out and our scarves, gloves and tailored jackets come to the fore. While we trade bright splashes of colour for a muted colour palette, it becomes time for your hair to make the adjustment as well.

De Lorenzo has released the jewel in their colour care crown, their Autumn Colour Collection for 2013, Midnight Glamour. This collection celebrates rich, sultry tones with fusions of vibrant colour blocks to
add a touch of glamour and flair.

screen-shot-2013-03-27-at-13537-pmMidnight Glamour creates glorious shine with hues to suit any colour or base level. It also remains the only professional colour range on the market today that is manufactured in Australia specifically for our climate and conditions.

What’s more, De Lorenzo products use fair-trade, organic ingredients, are cruelty free and contain no parabens nor petrochemicals and are 100% Australian made and owned. So that when you’re FALL-ing (puns galore!) in love with this autumn range you can do so with a settled conscience.

Midnight Glamour is available exclusively at salons, for information on stockists call 1800 800 347.

Well OIL be damned!

April 2nd, 2013

Well oil be damned!

In a world where we are religiously combing Moroccan oil through our hair and using coconut oil to cook just about anything, oil can seem all the rage.

However, if there is one place where it’s not so eagerly celebrated, it’s on our face. Cue the constant trips to the supermarket to stock up on oil-blotting tissues, or the sneaky swipe of the powder brush at your desk.

It’s inconvenient, annoying and lets face it – not too pretty to look at.

However, the folks at emerginC seem to have heard (and answered!) our oily prayers, with the redeveloped Complexion Control promising to mattify more than ever.

Let your oily troubles slide away with emerginC Complexion Control

Let your oily troubles slide away with emerginC Complexion Control

Newly reformulated with willow bark and alpaflor, the lightweight, hydrating emulsion balances and protects skin, restoring it with a healthy and natural glow.

With its résumé boasting the ability to improve oil and blemish control, as well as reduce the appearance of large pores, it’s clearly perfect for the job of rectifying over-oily, unruly skin.

Champion ingredient Willow Bark is proving to be a real heavy weight contender in the skin stakes, with its ability to calmly improve the skin and provide results in a soothing, sustainable way, making it unrivalled on the market.

Newly added ingredient Alpaflor also helps to create balanced skin by reducing sebum production levels, allowing the skin to return to the perfect level of oil production needed for glowing, healthy skin.

Complexion Control can also be used as the perfect base for make-up by working to extend the amount of coverage time provided for the skin.