Beauty is on the tip of your lip.

You step outside, the crisp autumn wind whipping against your face and instinctively, you reach for your lip balm. As your hand fumbles around in your handbag (and you silently curse the Olsen twins for bringing back the “this-almost-resembles-the-size-of-my-apartment” bag) you make the unforgiving yet all too common mistake of going for the lip lick.

Yes, the lip lick. While many deny doing it – and some go as far as swearing they’ve never heard of it – it’s a common technique used by the modern day woman to save herself the time and energy of trying to find something to shield her lips. Whether we’re just running down to the bus stop or jetting out to get the last sandwich from the corner café, we tell ourselves it’ll be fine – we’re right to lick and go.

But here is where the problem begins. And it’s usually followed by unsightly consequences, including dry, cracked skin around the lips and a red, bee-stung appearance (and I’m not talking in the good Samantha Harris / Angelina Jolie kind of way).

So what’s a troubled, chapped-lip girl to do?!

Well, she can hop online or sprint down to her closest salon and treat her poor, neglected lips to a little tender loving care, with emerginC’s newest offering: In Lips we Trust.


In Lips we Trust is a nourishing, soothing lip balm that promises to protect lips from free radical damage and the harsh effects of the environment. Astaxanthin (yes it’s a real word and no, after several failed attempts, I’m still not even remotely close to pronouncing it correctly) is a powerful antioxidant that helps to reduce inflammation and increase moisture retention for soft, smooth lips. And boy does it pack a punch! In fact, it packs 550 more punches than vitamin E, and 6000 more than vitamin C – so it’s safe to say that it’s the Rocky Balboa on the skincare world.

But the benefits don’t stop there ladies. With coenzyme Q10 working as a vitamin-rich super antioxidant to soothe lips and activate healthy cellular activity and coconut oil injecting rich vitamins and fatty oils into the skin to alleviate any dry, flaky symptoms, In Lips we Trust is a truly innovative staple to your make-up bag.

Natural oils like sweet orange and sweet almond not only sound like a treat, but work like one too! By containing antioxidant properties, they work to calm and soothe the delicate skin tissue, while also forming a protective layer over the surface of the lip to lock in moisture and perfect your pout.

And the best part of it all? In Lips we Trust comes in a beautiful, bright green tube which means you’ll never have to lip lick again, no matter how Olsen-esque your bag is!

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