Travel Agent is Dead

March 24th, 2010

Travel Agent is dead competition shut down!

A  viral campaign for itrek Travel Insurance, entitled ‘The Travel Agent is Dead’ sparked so much publicity internationally and in Australia that it was abruptly shut down by enraged travel agents worldwide!  

Intent on letting the Australian public know that they can get the same if not better travel insurance policies at 50% less that Travel Agents itrek decided to run a competition inviting  budding filmmakers to create a 30second TVC entitled ‘The Travel Agent is Dead’.

A month later in a media frenzy the competition was shut down by Chartis.

Itrek will continue to look at interesting and innovative ways of getting the message across to the Australian public and have requested the help of Publissimo to do so.

“Without Publissimo, we wouldn’t have gotten the message out so quickly.  It was a pleasure working with them” says Eddie Feltham Director of itrek.

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