McQueen Tote

March 30th, 2010


By Lola&Bailey



An homage to the late designer Alexander McQueen, Lola&Bailey designers Theresa Nguyen and Cheri Flewell-Smith, have created a tote bag especially for him titled ‘Long Live McQueen’.

Alexander McQueen known for his unconventional, Avante garde designs and shock tactics inspired and influenced celebrities, movie stars and fashion lovers the world over.

“McQueen was the most influential designer of the 21st century” – Theresa Nguyen

Lola&Bailey tote bags are designed for everyone and have a variety of uses. Be it carrying books to uni, carrying lunch to work, packing in gym gear and can also be an eco friendly way to do the grocery shopping.

Made from heavy duty canvas and have cotton webbing handles that are durable, strong and long enough for all heights, which makes it easy on the shoulders. The letters are made of black-flocked material and appear on only one side of the tote. All totes are big enough to carry an A4 folder with room for more.

Show your respects to a fashion icon by wearing Lola&Bailey’s tote on your shoulder.


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